The Story of Needle Stories


About Us

Needle Stories brings you a line of handcrafted kurtas by some of India's finest artisans with modern cuts, and contemporary tailoring inspired by our roots that are meticulously designed in our India studio and brought to life by expert craftspeople around the world.

Meet The Founder

It's inspiring to hear about Vibhuti's successful journey in the fashion industry with her custom-made label, Needle Stories by Vibhuti. From studying Fashion Business at university to gaining valuable experience in the industry, she has utilized her skills to create a brand that focuses on sophisticated women's wear with a vision of blending contemporary styles with traditional Indian roots.

Launching Needle Stories as a ready-to-wear clothing label for women in London, UK in July 2023 was a pivotal moment for Vibhuti. Recognizing the gap in the market and believing in the potential of her brand has clearly paid off, as the company has seen exponential growth and success over the years. The combination of stylish, confident, and high-quality clothing created by skilled craftspeople has resonated well with customers.

Expanding into new markets and launching the first store in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, further solidified Needle Stories' presence and growth in the industry. Vibhuti's international perspective, likely influenced by her studies in London, has contributed to the brand's appeal on a global scale.

The fact that Needle Stories has grown from a small team with one employee in 2016 to having multiple employees, new offices, and even new muse in 2023, showcases the dedication and hard work put into the brand's success. Pop-ups and bigger launches have helped create excitement around the brand and reach new audiences.

Overall, Vibhuti's journey in fashion has been filled with determination, creativity, and a clear understanding of her brand's vision. The success of Needle Stories is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to navigate the fashion industry while maintaining a balance between traditional and contemporary styles.

Crafted With You In Mind

Life is happening very quickly these days and clothes are important. You rely on them to never let you down. So when it comes to friends’ weddings, meetings, and relaxed weekends, we’ll be there for you with our versatile collections that offer outfit solutions for life’s every moment. Always elegant, sophisticated, and endlessly beautiful.